South County Skate Sharpening

I will be only setting up times via text this week.

We will be closed from January 15th to the 20th.

 contact me directly by text  for appt. 529.0380


Come see us for a quality sharpening and some tape and laces!


We now sell Howie’s Hockey products.
We currently have:
  • White, Black and clear tape-$5
  • Stretch grip tape-$6
  • White Cloth laces-$6
  • White Wax laces-$6
  • Mouth Guards-$4
  • Hockey wax-$6

Skate guards-$18

Welcome to South County Skate Sharpening. We operate a small skate sharpening shop. We hope to provide quality skate sharpening to our local community. We know there are a lot of ice skaters and hockey players in South County. We also know we have to make that dreaded trip north of Division road to get our skates sharpened. We look forward to becoming your local skate Sharpener. 
Sean Sr. is a hockey player(semi retired), a hockey dad, hockey coach and and on ice official.
Sean Jr has been playing hockey since he could walk and is currently playing for his local High School.
Jen is just one of those crazy hockey moms! 😉




Initially we plan on providing skate sharpening service, but will soon be selling laces, tape and other necessities for the hockey player.
If you have suggestions for items that you would like to see in the shop, please let us know.



we have a forum called “the equipment room. If you have equipment to sell or give away, please post it in there. Also if you are looking for equipment, throw up a post and someone may be able to help you.


Take a look around. We hope you will become a regular.


Shoot pucks while you wait in Jr’s own practice facility.

Sharpenings: $7

Military/First Responder $5

Sharpening Club

pay for 9 Sharpenings

get the 10th one free


Pay for 4 Sharpenings

get the 5th one free

Students: HS/College kids paying for their own.

Venmo: socoskate